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Become a Humi-Go Agent


We all need an extra income today and certainly HUMI-GO has helped me to “fill the gaps” BUT before you involve yourself in any financial commitment lets look at, and answer, some important questions for you:

1. What will be the demand for HUMI-GO in my area?
HUMI-GO is used in all but the driest areas of South Africa. There is a huge demand for HUMI-GO in damp, humid and high rainfall areas.

2. What are the costs?
Your initial outlay to become a distributor is R3 300.00 which includes your first 100 units of stock.   You will also have to add  courier costs to this amount if you live outside of the Durban area.

3. Are there ongoing costs?
Yes. You are going to have to replace your stock as you sell. However the competitive price of replacement stock gives you a wide profit margin and you can work from home so there isn’t the extra expense of renting premises, extra telephones etc.

4. What about hidden costs?
You will want to do more than network with family and friends once you see the earning potential of HUMI-GO! There are many ways of marketing a product and most of them do cost money e.g. a weekly table on a flea or craft market. You must also allow for and cost in to your selling price such factors as transport costs when re-ordering stock.

5. How well established is HUMI-GO?
We have been testing, marketing and selling HUMI-GO for the more than ten years, similar products have been available internationally for more than twenty years.  However, they do not have the 'life' of HUMI-GO or are toxic.
6. How much competition is there?
There are only a few products that have a similar function available in South Africa. However, some of them are highly toxic, and all similar products have a very short lifespan of +- 6 weeks compared to HUMI-GO which lasts between 3 and 6 months.   Most of them are bulk imports from China which are labeled to suit the RSA importers.   We can say with confidence that ours is the best on the market!

7. Has the company had experience in franchising or distributorships?
Yes, more than 15 years of experience marketing other products and over 10 years experience franchising before we retired.
8. How long should it take before I recoup my initial cost?
The moment you’ve sold your first 100 units you’ve got your money back! You should be able to start making a substantial profit within your first few months of trading depending on whether you market on a full time basis or purely part-time for “pocket money”.

9. What training and support do I need? 
You don’t need any training. HUMI-GO sells itself and, better still, your customers keep on coming back to buy more and even refer their friends and family. However we are on hand to give you advice and practical, proven ideas to help you get started.

These questions are important. The amount that you will outlay to purchase a distributorship for HUMI-GO is extremely small in terms of franchise and distribution fees. SO…. if you buy in we want you committed to our product and to making a good income for yourself and for our company.

Once you have read through and answered the above questions positively go to our Contact Details and get in touch. We will:

• answer any further questions you might have
• give you details for depositing the initial fee
• get delivery details from you for delivery of your first consignment of HUMI-GO

• send you a ready made page for a flyer with all your details listed.

Kind regards,

Michele Rosenthal