HUMI-GO is a simple, safe solution for all your damp or humidity problems.   We do not come out to test the levels of mildew in your  home but we offer you a safe and simple solution to these problem.   No fuss, it's as simple as opening a lid.

1.  Once the lid is off this is what the contents looks like.   Place the tub carefully at the back of your cupboard or wherever required and forget about it for a couple of weeks.
2.   Note how the content has hardened after a couple of weeks.   It's working perfectly,  soaking up that excess moisture from the air or even from accidental spills on carpets etc.   And that brown?  Just dust from the air that HUMI-GO attracted.
3.  Pour the excess water off every three or four weeks AND PUT IT BACK taking care to place it carefully where it won't get knocked over. 
As long as that white concrete is still in the tub it will keep on and on absorbing.   Your tub will last for between 3 and 6 months depending on how much moisture you are dealing with.