HUMI-GO is a hygroscopic agent that prevents mildew, mould, helps prevent rust, removes musty odours, stops mildew on linen and so much more. In fact our customers keep on amazing us each day with the extraordinary uses that they put HUMI-GO to.

A local school uses HUMI-GO in the armory to prevent the guns from rusting!

A computer company buys HUMI-GO and swears by its drying powers.

A hotel school uses HUMI-GO to keep their herbs and spices dry.

A bakery uses HUMI-GO to stop their icing from melting.

Bed and Breakfast establishments buy HUMI-GO in bulk to protect linen, prevent spots on linen and to stop musty odours in guest bedrooms and cupboards.

Stamp collections, books, you name it, HUMI-GO will do the trick.

We are very proud to say that our product, unlike some,

is totally environmentally friendly and 100% non-toxic.

HUMI-GO can be stored in the sealed container basically forever

as it is totally inert until the lid is removed.


HUMI-GO will last for between 3 and 6 months,

once the lid is removed unlike most competitor products

which have a life of approximately 6 weeks.

HUMI-GO is also non-hazardous to transport

by road, air or sea and requires no special storage facilities.