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Humi-Go has been on the market for more than 10 years in South Africa.    We'd  had enough of mildew on leather shoes, mildew on leather jackets, mildew spots on our linen and THAT MUSTY ODOUR!!!!  For sure that had to go!   And it wasn't healthy, coughing, runny nose, itchy throat.  Mildew is BAD for you.   We mainly market our product on craft and farmers markets but we might have a distributor in your area and our product is stocked in various hardware stores.


HUMI-GO was specifically made for cupboards.    Put the tubs in bedroom cupboards to stop mildew on your leather articles and clothing.  Kitchen cupboards to absorb and get rid of that under sink odour that all kitchen sink cupboards seem to have.   Place in your linen cupboards to stop mildew spots on bedding and table cloths.

HUMI-GO makes a totally unfavourable environment for  mildew.   First clean off the mildew with a mixture of lemon juice and vinegar.   Place the tubs anywhere in the bathroom and allow them to absorb the excess moisture from showers and baths, let Humi-Go do the work for you.

Place HUMI-GO on the book case and another problem is solved.  There is nothing worse than opening a favourite book to find spots all over the page and the smell of mildew is not pleasant when you are reading.   

HUMI-GO  absorbs the excess moisture generated by washing machines and tumble dryers.   No more unpleasant odours in your laundry area and no more mildew forming.


Nothing worse than opening that door and the 'miff ' smell knocks you out!   HUMI-GO will keep the area mildew and musty odour free.   Also used extensively in yachts and other seafaring craft,

HUMI-GO creates an unfavourble environment for mildew to thrive.   Rust comes from moisture and moisture is what  HUMI-GO controls.

HUMI-GO keeps documents, guns, silver etc in safes moisture free.  Stopping rust on metal, rust on documents, no tarnish on silver.  Many uses to be found in one product.

HUMI-GO will absorb moisture, musty odours and stop the mould forming in your storage areas, be they under stairs, in basements or in lofts.   Working for you!